The best just got better.


With its ground breaking EPG functionality, full range of Ruya channels and a clean modern interface XL is the best IPTV kodi experience available.

Known for their reliability and stability the 300+ Ruya channels that power XL have been the benchmark in IPTV for years.

If you are looking for an IPTV provider then make sure you get yourself the best for HD Live Sports including 3PM Football along with all the latest HD Movies, Box Sets and recorded catch up TV.

With more features, quicker access to content, multiple interfaces and more reliability – XL is now the best way to view them.


XL is the only Ruya add-on that gives you:

  • Full integration to Free EPG iVue
  • Automatic cache and file management
  • Family friendly, fully integrated, easy to use kodi build
  • 2 servers for more reliability


  • Recently Watched TV Menu: showing you a history of channels watched to make it quick and easy to go to the channels you love.
  • Recently watched Box Sets : showing the series and episodes watched making it easy to keep track of where you are.
  • 150(!) New Backgrounds:  High quality, up to date images that you won’t get bored of quickly.


Ultimate Package

Every US, International, and UK option for  Entertainment, Movies and Sports giving you all the available channels from Ruya.

Now included for free are the VOD Box Sets and Box Office Movies and the bonus 7 day catchup service.

Unbeatable value for money giving you everything from 3PM football to the latest Netflix episodes and newly released movies.

UK only Package

Every Entertainment and Sports channel originating from the UK that is available on Ruya.

Now included for free are the VOD Box Sets and Box Office Movies.

Fantastic option for expats or UK customers that don’t need the 3PM or international channels.


A full set of international (UK, EU,  Middle East and Asia) sports channels including 3PM Football.

Now included for free are the VOD Box Sets and Box Office Movies.

For the sports buffs, get all international sports as they happen often with multiple viewing options from the various international channels showing the event.

On Demand

Ruya has one of the most extensive and reliable collections of boxsets, movies and catchup for kodi.

VOD contains the latest movies and box-sets including content from Amazon and Netflix as well as popular UK and US shows all available immediately after broadcast.


2 Day Passes

Trial the Ultimate Package with our 2 day pass. We are sure you will love the service, so we will also send a link to your first 1 months subscription with a £2 discount.


Within a few hours of ordering we will send an email to your paypal email address with your login details