The most extensive and reliable IPTV service available


With its ground breaking functionality, huge selection of content from multiple providers, and a clean modern interface XL is the best Kodi experience available.

We have been around for over 3 years so if you are looking for an IPTV provider then make sure you get one you can trust.


More options – More choice – More reliability.

We have now expanded our offering and integrated 2 of the biggest and best IPTV providers into XL.

  1. You won’t find a larger collection of stable channels, box sets, or movies in any other IPTV service.
  2. With 2 different back end providers you won’t find a more reliable IPTV service.
  3. With our custom build you won’t find a better looking, easier to use Kodi experience from any other IPTV service.

All at fantastic prices too!


We are Kodi specialists always looking to add new and exiting features exclusively to our fully integrated and easy to use add-on and build.

Some of the benefits of using our build are:

  • Family friendly: fully integrated, easy to use Kodi build that all the family can easily use
  • Low Maintenance: Automatic cache and file management
  • EPG: Full integration to Free iVue add-on included
  • Recently Watched TV Menu: showing you a history of channels watched to make it quick and easy to go to the channels you love.
  • Recently watched Box Sets : showing the series and episodes watched making it easy to keep track of where you are.
  • 200(!) Backgrounds:  High quality, up to date images that you won’t get bored of quickly.


Special Offer – The Double Deal!

To launch our dual service we can provide  a single subscription that gives the best content from both.

  1. A Full set of UK and US/CA TV Channels
  2. Popular VOD content
  3. UK Catchup TV
  4. Ruya Sports Channels
  5. Ruya Box Sets and Movies

This package gives you everything you could possibly need at a bargain price.

All the Live TV you could possibly want, 2 providers of Sports including 3PM Football, NBA, NFL, NHL and much more) ,  2 Sets of Video On Demand including all the latest series, and a UK 7 day catch up TV Service.


The Standard Package

A Full UK and US/CA package with all the channels you could want. Great content for Sports with 3PM Premier League, NBA, NFL and NHL.

A standard On Demand service with popular box sets and movies is included as is a 7 day UK catch up TV recording service

Standard – TV, VOD and Catchup 

  1. A Full set of UK and US/CA TV Channels
  2. Popular VOD content
  3. UK Catchup TV

Bonus – Standard TV and Catchup and Extra VOD

  1. A Full set of UK and US/CA TV Channels
  2. Popular VOD content
  3. UK Catchup TV
  4. Ruya Box Sets and Movies

The Ruya Package

A wide range of UK and US channels you would expect as well as some international . International content for Sports with Premier League, NBA, NFL and NHL and much much more from UK, US, Middle East, Asian, Turkish, Nordic, Balkan, and Latin American Channels.

The best VOD content comes included for free and contains the latest movies and box-sets including content from Amazon and Netflix as well as popular UK and US shows all available immediately after broadcast.

RUYA Mega TV and VOD

  1. Ruya UK, US and International Channels
  2. Ruya Sports Channels
  3. Ruya Box Sets and Movies

RUYA Sports TV and VOD

  1. Ruya Sports Channels
  2. Ruya Box Sets and Movies

Trial – 2 Day Pass

Access to everything to help you decide what service meets your need with our 2 day pass.


Within a few hours of ordering we will send an email to your paypal email address with your login details